Wild Spaces

I have been painting Fields and Meadows for the past decade. What inspires me to paint them is their complexity, variety and energy. I particularly like them when they are full of many plant species. I like trying to paint their complex and intense variety and relationships.

The fields are particularly beautiful when the wind has blown the individual grasses into waves and patterns which catch the light and increase the energy. Autumn and Winter are the seasons which display these features to best effect. I have also been painting paths. They have taken me out of the fields and meadows and into the landscape beyond.
Recently I have begun a series of work based on the Meadows and Grasslands of Transylvania. The richness, diversity and variety of the plants I found there when I visited in June took my breath away. I am painting some in detail, plant specific to show the variety there, some will have a view bringing in the landscape of the surrounding area. They are all about 3ft x 4ft in size. I hope to have around 15 when I have completed the series.