Welcome to my website | Rosalind Wise

I was born in Barry, South Wales in 1949.
I was born and educated long before decimalisation, mobile phones, computer and digital communication. Looking back it seems a quieter, gentler less hectic time to grow up in.

I was from an ordinary family but always encouraged to do my best and be the best human being I could be. It was a good time to be born female too, because opportunities and choices were available for us then, so much more was on offer to us than to my mother's generation. We could go to university if we wished on a government grant that we did not have to pay back and we had the birth control pill which gave us control over our own fertility.

I was lucky to have humble but enlightened parents who believed that with hard work one could achieve anything. That was enlightening.

I have always loved art and painting, encouraged at an early age to draw I have always found it immensely satisfying and interesting to do. There is something wonderful about being in front of a white canvas or paper and then through one's own imagination one reveals what is there. It is a kind of magic which I never tire of. It is also transformative and totally immersive. One is ordinary yet by doing it one releases the extraordinary much like a musician, singer, actor or dancer must feel, suddenly you become much bigger, more powerful than you really are.

I attendedĀ  Reading University between 1968-72 and although I learnt a great deal about art, I learnt more about the painter I didn't want to become than the person I am today. It was the fashion then to create big abstract painting in the American tradition of Frank Stella or Barnett Newman. I did not connect with this and it was only on leaving Reading I began to draw from nature again and realised how much I loved doing it and how much I had missed it.

I then did a one year postgraduate course in art teaching at Goldsmith's college, London. I have taught children and adults throughout my career. I am now teaching less and painting more.

In my paintings I am trying to capture the moment, that exquisite moment when all ones senses are heightened by the beauty that is before one. A complete immersion into what is actually there. My response is to the colour and energy found there. It could be a garden border, wildspace, meadow or piece of wasteland.

My response is to the colour, tone and movement found there. It is to the tip or balance between order and chaos, freedom or restraint, things separate yet mingling together, all part of the expressive whole.
I love the multilayering of space. The small, minute detail of the foreground it's complex relationships between plants, and the glorious detail of it all. Then there is the middle distance where colours and shapes develop into a more rhythmic pattern and blend into one another. Then finally there is the distance views where edges blend and blur into softness and colours merge into the sky and landscape beyond.

I have been lucky to have found something that I love to do, something that I love to paint. It has brought me joy and given my life meaning. Rosalind Wise - 2020